Tuesday, January 18, 2011


coquette, noun
co·quet·tish, adjective
co·quet·tish·ly, adverb
co·quet·tish·ness, noun
un·co·quet·tish, adjective
un·co·quet·tish·ly, adverb
un·co·quet·tish·ness, noun

a woman who flirts lightheartedly with men to win their
admiration and affection

From Suede Design Studio

This classic lingerie from GCD is absolutely gorgeous, it comes on all layers and also on the tattoo layer, so you have 14 pieces in all, I am showing you the conservative look, but it does have a sheer look, which is super super sexy, it comes also with a pair of plain white stockings which I love.
From Suede Design Studio

I am posing on Diesel works Chaise lounge which I purchased in cream it has 21 poses and it is a great prop, Just wish I could afford it in every colour. I am also posing with my friend's cute little Breedable cat, called Peridot, Wildwood Breedable cats are the latest thing to hit the grid I think they have been out about 6 weeks now, and they are lovely, beautifully animated and you can have kittens, gets all crazy eyed, I love cats in real life.
From Suede Design Studio

I purchased a couple of the Jadis skins from Glam Affair and this one is my favourite a soft makeup which I hope will go with anything,I am wearing hair from Analog dog in Ash called Monday, which is in the cheap section, no idea why, cause, it's very classic in style and has very cute flexi strands around your face, and for me, you can tint it with Analog dogs colour hud, which is an incredible bonus.
From Suede Design Studio

Style Card
Hair Analog Dog Monday Ash ( in the cheap section)
Skin -Glam Affair- Jadis - MedTan - 03(a)
Eyes - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes n4
Lingerie GCD Lingerie GCD - Coquette Set Sheer and Cover versions
Rings Zaara : Kashiti bobble ring *pearl* (gold)
Prop Diesel Works - The Debutante Chaise - Cream
Cat Wildwood Breedable Cat Seal Point Chartreuse, *Peridot*

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