Friday, March 4, 2011

Auburn from head to toe

From Suede Design Studio

I love autumn colours and I really like this outfit from Chain and Vine, I actually picked it up when I got the skins a couple of weeks back, but hadn't got around to blogging it yet. So this outfit is actually a mix of two, which I bought in the same shade, first is Grabber which is the floaty top and the skirt and the second is Edda which is the transparent hip length tunic.

Hair is the second new Truth Style that I bought also in Auburn and boots are from Mon Tissu, I am sure you recognize them, I think half the grid has them already,but I don't mind cause they are really really well made. I am also wearing the new giftie skin from Belleza, Melissa in the sunkissed tone.

From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

So basically I just put the tunic under the top to give full body cover and to make it look more like a dress than a top and a skirt. Actually I had trouble with the skirt to make it fit, I am a bit big in the bottom and it was time consuming to make it fit. but it did in the end and it was worth it.

Style Card
Tunic Chain and Vine Prose Edda Pink Lyric (lyric.demina)
Shorts *COCO*_Gift-DenimShorts_Underpants
Top & Skirt Chain and Vine Grabbed Rose
Boots {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Vintage Red
Skin -Belleza- Melissa SK group gift
Eyes FAB.PONY "Bambi" Eyes (Meadows)
Hair >TRUTH< Bea 2 - auburn ( ginger pack - NEW)

Address inworld
Lyric Demina, Chain and Vine in Edda, Edda I (122, 135, 55)

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