Friday, November 19, 2010


From Suede

I love the incredible builds I see in Second Life, and one of the most fun things are the Fashion Stores builds, beautiful, strange, quirky and amazing and some like the Kyoot build is just clever and out of the box.

It is a bright white store sitting in a small lake of oil, with pumps pouring out oil and a little flowers in the ebony lake, if only in the real world, flowers would grow on oil. With a gorgeous background of an oil rigging in black and white, it is quite a skybox.

It is such a unusual idea and it totally works, the other thing I like about the Kyoot Store is the fact it is not overfull, I can see everything clearly and not visually overwhelmed and of course with less stuff it loads fast, a huge plus in my life.

From Suede

From Suede

I really think this would be a great on location photo shoot for my photos, I used Studio light, so that the white would stay bright white. The texures are so great they just carry my photograph off by themselves. There are quite a few scripted items which add to the atmosphere.. steam jets and fans and of course the pumps pouring out the crude oil which I mentioned before.

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  1. Simply amazing photography. Love the overall black and white effect with the minimal surprise color highlight!