Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fallen Angel from V3

From Suede Design Studio

I received this great set of tattoos from V3 a few days back and decided to go dark with it, I matched it up with The Dressing Room's Grey Mary Skin, and eyes I received from M2M, probably cause I am all excited by the Fantasy Faire.. I love stuff like that, I can and have watched Lord of the Rings one after another and only ran to the loo, when I had to change dvd's.

From Suede Design Studio

From Suede Design Studio

While this Mary skin is not for everyone, I do think for fashion posts it is a great prop, and I love the way it turned out on here. I don't think you want to meet me on a dark night,but then again maybe you do, appearances can be deceiving, can't they ?

Style Card
Eyes:::M2M_YC/Black Eyes:::ITS ON SALE ITEMS
Skin-Glam Affair - Mary Grey - BL/B
Hair Exile Love Song 2/twilight
Gloves::GB::Fur Store&Gloves SET
Eyeshadow Tattoo Mystify - Immaculate V1 Black
Knickers GCD - Craving Lace Thong 1
v3 Tattoo Package - Fallen Angel Package

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