Sunday, April 4, 2010

Complimentary Colours

I like complimentary colours and so I often try to get the background to be in sync with the clothing of the avatar.
For the head shot, I used control + O to pull in it in tight to the face, I used the normal SL viewer and turned the enviro controls to dusk.. to give a golden hue to the skin.

Skin Laqroki Laci no.8
Lashes freebie ( sorry no longer available)
Eyes, Grey - Redgrave
Hat & Hair Maitreya

Vest Dutch Touch- Mens
Skirt Kookie - Naga

The Pose is part of an ao I use from Pose Designer Diaz Papp on the Kuso sim. I always wait to see the angle of the ao and use my camera controls to get different views. The secret for me anyway is to watch the ao, and learn the good poses within it and then time your shot accordingly.

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