Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Photography, Writing and everything inbetween

Hi there
Just a short note to introduce myself, I am an avatar in Second Life, I was the I also staff writer for the Zindra Times and then it's editor.. unfortunately that fun blog closed due to the rl commitments of its writing team.. but it was so much fun..laughs wickedly.

Currently I am the editor for the superElite fashion blog which is great.. we have a fantastic talented team and new clothes hair and skins..and accessories what is not to like.

In my personal blog, I will talk about what interests me most in Second Life, which is of course Photography, windlight setting, control +O and also Machinima which I am getting into.
Maybe with a little fashion and gossip thrown in. I mean I am a girl after all.. we gotta have our gossip and fashion.
I hope you find my blog entertaining and useful.
Hope to see you again soon

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